What is Spider Golf ? 
Spider Golf is a Golf Stats app. It covers statistical analysis, personalized coaching and trainings, course management strategy and social community.

Which phones are compatible with Spider Golf ?
Spider Golf is compatible with all iPhones from iOS 10.
iPhone 5S, 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, SE, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X, XR, XS, XS Max, 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max, 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, 12 Mini.
The App is optimized for iPhone 7 and above

Is there an Android version ?
Yes, Android version is available on Google Play Store.

What does the free version include ?
– Simple, fast and eady to use
– Flash mode data entry
– 65+ statistical analysis
– Spider Coach reports
– multi-games Statistics
– Stats sharing with your coach
– +39 000 Golf Courses in the database.

What are some of the premium features ?
– Shot by Shot data enrty
– 400+ statistical analysis
– Player Strokes Gained Dashboard
– Spider Bag: Smart golf bag with automated distance detection
– Spider community: Sharing results and stats with friends and coaches
– Spider Practice: Custom tests and training sessions
– Spydey: Digital caddy for course management optimization
– Strokes Gained* + Benchmarks analysis by shot, compartment and distance.

How many Golf Courses in the database ? 
Over 39,000 courses, or most of the courses around the world

Is it possible to add or edit an existing course ? 
You can edit pars + distances on the scorecard. We add courses for you, simply press « submit request » in your app / course directory and send us a picture of the scorecard. You will be notified by mail when the course is added in our database

Is it possible to request an update of a recently changed course ? 
Yes. simply press « submit request » in your app / course directory and report the change. Course data will be updated.

What is the unit of measurement ? 
distances and datas can be configured in your settings.  You can choose meters or yards

Can I use Spider Golf abroad with no signal ? 
Yes just make sure to load the golf courses on your phone prior to your travel. They will be stored and available at your convenience. The app can fully function OFFLINE.

How is the battery life with Spider Golf ? 
Spider Golf takes up to 5% of battery life per game *

What type of playing modes are available ? 
Single play.  Spider Golf displays the gross and the net stroke play, along with gross and net stableford.

What if I choose not to finish a hole ? 
Spider Golf offers the « ball picked up » option. The scorecard displays the score * that records 0 net point Stableford calculated according to the Spider handicap + two putts.

Is multiple rounds analysis available ? 
Yes. Spider Golf has numerous options :
– 9 holes or 18 holes
– Handicap (HCP) rounds
– Competition rounds
– Flash or shot by shot rounds or both
– Last couple of rounds ( 1,2,3,5,10, etc.)
– Date selection
– Custom selection

What is the definition of Wasted shots ?
Wasted shots are considered lost shots that could have been avoided on optimal playing conditions.
It includes :
– Penality strokes
– Punch outs
– Green attack attempts outside green side area
– Short game shots missed green
– Missed putts < 3feet
– 3-putts and more

What is the definition of Strokes Gained ?
Spider Golf utilizes this method to compare and identify strengths and weaknesses in your game :
1) Total
2) Off the tee
3) Long shots & Lay ups
4) Approach to green
5) Around the green
6) Putting

Strokes gained analysis are available by category and by distance.

What does « Quality » mean ?
« Quality % » is an average percentage of your well hits and miss hits. (no putting)

How do I add Favorites ?
Once you select them in the stats list area, it will automatically appear in the right compartment under Spider Coach.

How does SpiderGolf automatically record and store my club distances ? 
You will find in Spider Bag your average distances with each club and lie : All/Tee/Fairway/Rough
It includes :
– Any shot Well-hit not green side
– Shots not attacking greens : Distance – remaining distance to the flag
– Shots attacking greens : Distance +- grid position in reference to the target

How do I edit shot recorded in my bag ?
You have the possibility to edit or delete shots recorded during the round.

Why does SpiderGolf uses GPS signal ? 
Spider Golf  GPS signal to find the nearest courses.

Why sending push notifications ? 
In the Spider Community, the app sends push notifications to share and alert your fiends and coaches of your latest achievements.