Spider Putt Premium

Discover all features and explore the depth of possibilities when improving the most important part of your game

1 year premium membership
$ 19.99
  • 1.66$/month for 1 year premium membership
  • 5 uses free trial
Tailorded action plan
  • Our certified Spider staff will provide you with detailed and personalized analysis of your stats

Spider Putt app / Premium

  • Flash data entry
  • 39 000+ courses available
  • 120+ Stats
  • Multi-games Stats analysis
  • Putt by Putt smart data entry
  • Spider Coach
  • Digital ScoreCard +
  • Full Strokes Gained analysis
  • Spider Community
  • Spider Practice

Play a Game 

Quick and easy, total score and putt dispersions tracking mode with more than 100 statistical analysis. Spider Putt calculates trends, strenghs and weaknesses in the most crucial part of the game.  

Spider Practice

Train smart with Spider Practice. Follow the testing and training protocols and record your results. Spider Practice optimizes the link between the practice area and the first green.  

Spider Community

Share your games with coaches and friends. Much more than a simple on-course lesson, your coach will have full access to your putting and stats to make the most out of your golf playing and training sessions.

Spider Coach

Green reading, Technical efficiency, Wasted shots, Stroked gained and dispersions analysis on the most important part of the game. Spider coach will guide you and identify your strengths and weaknesses to help you train better and improve faster.